Maintain the beauty, life, and value of your home.

What better way to protect the value of your home than to provide the maintenance and special attention it needs throughout its lifetime? Whether you have a new contemporary home, a condominium, or a historic estate, Horizon HouseWorks™ can take care its function and appearance so you can spend your time enjoying it— instead of managing it.

Conscientious, capable, and passionate about craftsmanship.

Horizon HouseWorks was launched to meet the home maintenance needs of our satisfied clients. Because we provide extreme service and exceptional quality, they have been entrusting their homes to us for over 35 years. 

Skilled and Experienced.

Unlike many franchised companies who offer basic handyman services, Horizon HouseWorks employs only skilled tradesman to handle your home maintenance and repairs. Homeowners, architects, interior designers, and realtors in the Mid-Atlantic region highly recommend our services.

Communication and convenience matter.

Service appointments are scheduled around your availability. In case of emergencies, HouseWorks is quick to respond when your home needs immediate attention, often adverting further damage and costly repairs.